ProtoEV is the UK’s first STEM challenge for schools, colleges and apprenticeship training organisations to recycle used petrol go karts and transform them into high powered electric vehicles which they test and race to see which is the fastest and most energy efficient.

Teams of students aged 15-18 use a combination of generative design, 3D printing, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, energy efficiency and storage, aerodynamics and budgetary factors to design and build working prototypes using existing standard kart chassis’.

Run over the course of six months, student teams get to test and demonstrate their knowledge, problem solving skills and capabilities to deliver continuous performance improvements competing  in a total of three test days and one final race day.

There are a total of 3 x  training workshops for teachers, lecturers and project leads, equipment purchase lists and a build manual.

Working with partners in the Northern Automotive Alliance, ProtoEV also acts as an essential innovation platform and test bed to identify design, materials and processes which drive the development of cost effective propulsion technologies.

ProtoEV will be scaled up as a Greater Manchester wide championship in 2019 with the race final as the centre piece of the first Manchester Festival of eSpeed.

” The skills demanded of the ProtoEV challenge will be exactly those needed to make our Road to Zero strategy a reality and pave the way for a zero emission future.

We face both an exciting and demanding time ahead for automotive engineering; one that has the potential to revolutionise the industry. The Year of Engineering is all about inspiring the next generation of engineers to take up that challenge.

Through converting these old go-karts into these exciting electric vehicles, students taking part in ProtoEV have shown that they are well-placed and more than capable of taking up that challenge.

To see the work of the young people taking part in the ProtoEV Challenge, building an electric go kart, testing it themselves and in due course running a series around the country – what a fantastic opportunity and what a brilliant way to bring young people into engineering, particularly young people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds, and young women. All the strength behind it I can possibly give it and we couldn’t be more happy.”

Jesse Norman Transport Minister


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