ProtoEV Classes


(11-14 Age Group | perfect KS3 project)

This is the perfect first step on your ProtoEV journey and is aimed at new team/schools taking part in the challenge for the first time. Teams will have a choice of six kart designs to download from Youmagine ( and 3D print, before installing a small motor and batteries. Students will learn about basic aerodynamics, engineering and how electric propulsion systems work. Starter Category allows all teams to compete for the honour of being crowned Regional Champion, and be invited to attend the Formula E London EPrix as VIP guests in July 2020. The Regional Final will be held at Oxford Brookes University in March/April 2020.


(13-19 Age Group | engaging KS3/KS4 project)

This is the next step up from Starter Class and a great way to prepare for Advanced Class where teams get to build a full size electric go kart. Students will learn Computer Aided Design (Autodesk) so they can design their own miniature kart, and will be given more technical regulations to contend with when fabricating their ekart. Teams choosing to enter the Intermediary Class will be competing for the chance to become the Intermediary Class Regional Champions, and be invited to attend the Formula E London E Prix as VIP guests in July 2020. The Regional Final will be held at Oxford Brookes University in March/April 2020. The Race Final day will also include a tour of the university’s motorsport department, and allow students to view 2 x  Advanced Class ProtoEV karts built by PhD students to inspire Intermediary teams to take the next step and compete in the Advanced Class the following season.


(14-19 Age Group | rewarding KS4/KS5 project)

This is the top tier of the UK competition and is ideally suited to KS4 teams. Teams learn how to retrofit petrol go karts and convert them into powerful electric ekarts which they get to test and race at the MIRA Proving Ground, to see which is the fastest and most energy efficient. This high-powered Career Readiness program gives students aged 14-19 (Years 9 – 13) hands on skills in working with electric vehicle technologies in a real-world racing environment.  Students will learn about various aspects of electric vehicles, including battery technologies, chassis set up, electronic controls and braking systems. The regional winner in the Advanced Class will get to demonstrate their kart in the Fanzone area at the Formula E London EPrix. Teams will be judged at a Regional Final held at Oxford Brookes University in March/April 2020.

ProtoEV’s technical regulations have been drawn up by the ProtoEV Club Committee, who are members of Motorsport UK. ProtoEV track events are run under a Motorsport UK permit, and are managed by the ProtoEV Club Committee. The committee has three automotive engineers with a combined 100 years of experience; one of whom is a woman.

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