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The Blair Project is a multi award winning social enterprise based in Manchester. We are growing the army of innovators, technicians, engineers and entrepreneurs to tackle climate change by providing opportunities for marginalised youth to develop hands on electrification skills. How ?  Through converting petrol go karts into fully electric e-karts which they get to test and race to see who has the fastest and most energy efficient. We are the only organisation in the UK doing this.

We have an awesome reputation for innovation.  We were the only SME, amongst the heavyweight line up of academia, public agencies and corporates to secure a share of £100 million, awarded by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT).  We’re using the funding to develop AR EdTech For Hydrogen Skills,  an immersive edtech platform providing hydrogen skills training modules for the manufacturing, construction, transport and energy sectors.  Further info here.

And in 2020 we secured £4 million of UK government funding for our new spin out company, the Manchester Innovation Activities Hub, a new net zero industrialisation and skills training centre. It will open in May 2024 in Manchester Science Park.

ProtoEV is the most advanced motorsport STEM competition in the world for schools, colleges, youth clubs and apprentices in the UK.

Through ProtoEV, underrepresented youth discover talents that they never knew they had, develop skills that industry needs and get hands on with electric vehicle propulsion systems and battery technologies and discover career progression pathways. We are building the schools to employment talent pipeline.


Manchester Innovation

Activities Hub (MIAH)

A spinout from The Blair Project, the Manchester Innovation Activities Hub is a £4m Net Zero industriasation and electrification skills training facility to incubate innovative start ups and develop the homegrown talent to accelerate the shift to a green economy.

Opening Q1 2024.



Funded by UK Research and Innovation, uSkill360 is a disruptive Edtech platform to scale up volume delivery of hydrogen and electrification skills training using simulation-based AR, VR, AI and gamification solutions to deliver immersive ‘hands on’ industry relevant skills at the point of need. Offering online certification aligned to international awarding standards, uSkill360 will cut training costs, and reduce staff time away from the workplace to attend training.


“No one person can create success on their own- It takes a winning team and helping hands.”

– Nile Henry, Chief Executive Officer

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