Patron Members

Prestigious Patron Membership. Patron member companies are making a significant investment in renewable energy, climate change and diversity & inclusion, and who walk the talk.

Patron organisations have demonstrated a commitment not just to tackling climate change, but also to increasing equality diversity and inclusion in science, technology, engineering, and the digital sectors.

The Blair Project will be on hand to offer expert information, advice and guidance and the opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded partners, through exclusive meeting, gatherings and events.

The Blair Project will promote Patron Members in all communication and through advocacy campaigns when engaging with influencers, lobbying organisations and the wider public.


  • Access to tailored services on diverse talent recruitment, delivery and outreach by our expert team.
  • Promotion of Patron Members on national media platforms, marketing outreach etc as exemplars of good practice.
  • VIP Access to future exclusive events that will bring together key stakeholders, corporate executives and key influencers.
  • Rights to use ProtoEV logo and race team’s photographic/video/digital image and competition results in
  • any other campaign and refer to patron membership to enhance brand CSR image
  • Access to teams and e-karts for sponsor events



  • Collaborate with other members to champion renewable energy, electrification of transport and equality, diversity & inclusion
  • Actively participate in events, newsletters and publication.
  • Share best practises with members.

Membership Fees

£5,000  ( 1001 + employees)
£3,500  ( <1000 employees)

To benefit please contact