SEE ME BE ME: Jennifer Baidoo on the skills behind transformational change

SEE ME BE ME: Jennifer Baidoo on the skills behind Transformational Change

Jennifer Baidoo is a computing expert and strategic transformation leader with a career of over 20 years shaping the course of businesses across private, public, and not-for-profit.
See Me Be Me is a podcast that spotlights diverse talent across any and every career path.

Transformational change is about working with organisations who feel they need to do better than they’re doing. And it varies depending on what’s driving the need for change: it could be for internal reasons, or externally – competition, or regulatory requirements…

You talk with decision makers, steering the conversation and shaping those conversations, which can be very, very interesting… And finally you identify exactly what needs to be done. You need to be able to engage with different people, you need a good amount of leadership skill, so you can listen, influence, and effect change.

All the skills you need to develop to be a changemaker in your organisation are ones you’ll find very, very useful. You have to have the right personal skills: how you carry yourself, self-respect, self-discipline, you need to be motivated and self-aware. But then you also need good interpersonal skills, to interact with decision-makers and have those conversations. And then you need to have awareness and a strong knowledge base of the space in which you work, what you specialise in. And then knowledge of the business and the organisation, and what you’re trying to achieve.

Across different sectors, with all their differences, the common thread is that whichever industrial sector you work in, you work with human beings. Interpersonal skills are very, very key – it’s all about having good people skills. You can apply all the knowledge and skill youve learned through your experience, through your education, and you can apply it, but the difference between success and failure is how well you work with people, because you need to work together to achieve the organisation’s goals.

Hear more from Jennifer, her advice for future leaders, how to stay ahead of trends like AI, and how to apply transformational change in your own life in her full episode of SEE ME BE ME, out now.