SEE ME BE ME: Wayne Bennett’s Top 10 Tech Takeaways

SEE ME BE ME: Wayne Bennett’s Top 10 Tech Takeaways

Wayne Bennett is the founder of Made4Tech Global, and a specialist recruiter in the Tech, Business Change, and Transformation markets. He’s passionate about increasing diversity in these fields, and speaking out on why it matters and why the calls need to come from the top to make change, as well as promoting inclusive environments in the workplace. He joins us on the SEE ME BE ME podcast to discuss all his incredible work, his insights into what makes a great team and a great workplace, and the changes we need to see.

SEE ME BE ME is a podcast spotlighting diverse talent across any and every career path.

1. The more difficulties you’ve been through, the easier it could be for you to understand tech, how it works, and how it evolves.

2. Find your drive, and your passion, and that will help people to see how you can fit into a team.

3. We need diversity at senior leadership levels.

4. Try meditation and breath work.

5. Diversity of people provides diversity of thought – which attracts money into businesses.

6. If you’re neurodiverse, try audiobooks!

7. Companies shouldn’t be afraid to support their staff in retraining in cutting-edge industries like AI or data engineering.

8. Understanding others is a superpower – and most arguments are based on misunderstanding.

9. Work/life balance is good for you, and it’s good for your organisation.

10. Take a chance on yourself.

Something in here you think you could use? Compelled to hear more? Wayne shares a wealth of experience, insight, and advice in his full episode of the SEE ME BE ME podcast, below. Find out more about Made4Tech here.