SEE ME BE ME: Donna Otchere on how one conversation can change everything!

Donna Otchere on how one conversation can change everything!

Donna Otchere is a Programme Officer at the Royal Academy of Engineering, and the co-founder of SiSTEM along with her sister, fellow SEE ME BE ME alum Dr Abigail Otchere! She joins us on the SEE ME BE ME podcast to talk about how she discovered her dream job at the Royal Academy of Engineering, how sisterhood keeps her strong, and how she wants every young woman in STEM to be SEEN.

SEE ME BE ME is a podcast that spotlights diverse talent across any and every career path.

One little conversation can change everything. I remember, we did an event for Black History Month. There was a young lady that came, and she spoke about how she was struggling because she wasn’t getting a promotion and people that had started just yesterday were getting promoted. So she was given advice at the event.Then in next couple of weeks, she wrote a post on LinkedIn about how she got her promotion.

It’s things like that that make you think, wow, our sisterhood and our relationship was able to help a young girl reach her goal.

I didn’t know that my job existed until I started interviewing people through SiSTEM. And when we were interviewing them, one of the ladies was working in science communication. And then I was like, Oh, this sounds like me. So I started looking for science communication roles within engineering, and then a role popped up at the Royal Academy of Engineering. I knew this would be perfect for me.

To hear more about how the power of sisterhood impacted Donna’s career, the world options available to young women interested in STEM, and how to find the perfect fit for you and your career, check out her full episode!