SEE ME BE ME: Adé Molajo on AI and Changes in Tech

Adé Molajo is a seasoned tech entrepreneur with a fifteen year track record of building innovative businesses. He’s spent time in cryptocurrency, and now he’s back at the forefront of tech development with MYPEAS.AI, a yet-to-be-launched startup that’s revolutionizing how businesses can integrate AI into their workforce. He tells us what’s what in the world of AI, and why we shouldn’t be so afraid to make AI work for us.

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AI has always been a buzzword. Over the years, it’s been a buzzword you throw in, just because it’s exciting to people. Then there was a period maybe five years ago, when chatbots were all the rage – but they were trash. They were basically decision trees. Then November 2022 happened – and we all saw ChatGPT, and it changed everything.

I missed out on the dot com boom, because I was only 14, but I saw it happen when I was in school. Then I saw the rise of social, and I saw it become everything. Then I saw the crazy run-ups and several cycles of crypto and blockchain, and all these things and how it was changing, and I thought if I don’t go now and build something, I’ll miss this too. And now we’re seeing generative AI.

So there’s always a new technology. They all compound, and build on top of each other. There’s going to be something after generative AI.

I think that statement, ‘AI is not going to replace your job, but somebody using AI is’ is half-true. You can use AI to scale – I’ve been a small business owner, and one of the biggest things I’ve learned is that scale can happen if you don’t need manpower to do your business. I love software because if you can make an app that does something useful for lots of people, you can do it ten or ten thousand times and it doesn’t make much difference. But to get ten thousand people to use your app, you need to scale your marketing and your presence – so that’s where you can use AI as a force multiplier.

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