SEE BE ME BE: Yasmine Ben Salmi on Self-Love and YOUR Journey!

Yasmine Ben Salmi is an international speaker, teen advocate, aspiring surgeon, author and publisher, and works passionately to make sure all young people know what they’re capable of. She joined us on the SEE ME BE ME podcast to discuss her experience of bullying, family, role models, reconstructive plastic surgery, the importance of representation, inspiring young people and more.

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One of the main issues that we found when we go into schools is that a lot of teenagers have a lot of self doubt. And they have like a lot of low confidence. I remember when I was in school, I suffered from a lot of low confidence too.

I was bullied when I was in primary school, and then at the start of secondary school. I thought “well, I’ve been through of this bullying when I was in primary school. I’m not going to let it transfer into secondary school.” So I ended up following the wrong crowd and doing the wrong things. And I think the main reason for that is because I lacked self confidence, and I followed people because I was bullied for being myself, thinking “why don’t I just change and be like these people so that they’ll be my friends.”

But then I realised that when I started to love myself, even though it’s a process, you become more confident, and you kind of stand with yourself to say that sometimes people might not like what you do, and it doesn’t mean you have to change for that person, maybe that person needs to go find their own group of people.

We hurt, we heal, we help. So that’s one of the things I went through, I went through that stage: when I was bullied, I then decided, well, I’m not going to let this transpire anymore. And I went through a whole healing process, which I’m still going through now, since it wasn’t too long ago since I was in school. And now I’m helping and then I’m healing. That’s the journey that I’m on. So if you love yourself, you step into your power, then you really start to become confident. And then you know, nobody’s gonna doubt you if you’re confident.

If you’ve been in a certain mindset for so long, it’s quite hard for you to change in a split second. But it’s not about you needing to listen to me, or you needing to change in the instant. It’s about listening to my story, listening to how I changed it and seeing how you can change yours. It doesn’t mean that within a day, you have to up your confidence; it doesn’t mean that you have to, you know, speak to everybody and step out of your comfort zone. Take baby steps!

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