ProtoGP Schools Kart Challenge


cmmj9arxeaartfr-jpg-largeOur ProtoGP Schools Kart Challenge uses a powerful combination of motorsport and digital manufacturing to engage and enthuse pupils in vocational science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) by making and racing 3D printed karts at Three Sisters Racing Circuit.

The practical tinkering and hands on learning approach is particularly effective for young people at risk of not achieving such as SEMH, pre-NEETs or high achieving pupils who’ve become disaffected by traditional education. It has been designed to introduce them to rewarding careers in the fast growth digital and STEM industry sectors, where there are currently sever skills shortages.

Teams of pupils from 10 x schools learn how to use Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing software to design, manufacture and build their own race karts using 3D printers and conduct virtual reality testing, emulating the design and engineering processes employed by real engineering companies.

Finally they get to compete in 3 x test and racing sessions at Three Sisters Racing Circuit to see who has designed and manufactured the fastest kart. This process is designed to develop Engineering Habits of Mind ie making things work, and then making them work better.

The challenge is open to students aged 13-16 years old. Each team is supported by student mechanics and engineers from a local college, in addition to STEM ambassadors from the local business community.

The vocational and transferable skills they will learn will help them transition onto our DigiFutures traineeship programme, further education, apprenticeships or employment.

Fun, experiential challenge for pupils to experience, get excited about and understand basic engineering- what it looks, feels and sounds like develop key skills such as communication, problem solving and team work. These are essential life skills for any career.
• Inspires & motivates students, raises educational attainment and achievement. Engineering design process can be used to teach literacy and numeracy.
• Project based learning curriculum developed in association with Autodesk Education, Create Education & former Jaguar Land Rover engineer Steve Cox.
• Linked to the National Curriculum, it incorporates Design & Technology, Computer Science and Engineering & Maths.
• Professional development for Upskilling teachers, with accompanying educational resources
• Certificates awarded for completion

Delivery Method: 1 x half day session per week for a total of 12 weeks
Maximum Group Size: 7 x learners

How To Get Started – Contact our STEM ambassador Marilyn Comrie OBE by emailing