Nile Henry

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img_6260The Blair Project is a disruptive social enterprise that is challenging the status quo in motorsport which is elitist. We help talented young drivers, mechanics and engineers reach the highest echelons in motorsports, by providing opportunities for them to participate in highly competitive racing.

This is the story of a young David taking on the Goliaths of Motorsport to make the sport more inclusive, accessible and affordable for ordinary people.

An all too familiar problem in Motor racing  is the lack of funding for young drivers, as the rising costs of most grassroots motorsport often restricts young teens from rising up the racing ladder. 

Nile plans to develop the Blair Project to become the Vocational Training Provider of First Choice for the digital design and manufacturing sector, using the catalyst of MSTEM.

“No one person can create success on their own- It takes a winning team and helping hands.” – Nile Henry

One of the key focuses of the Blair Project is to incorporate an educational provision, using the activity of motorsports as a driver for engagement to inspire young people, supporting them through education, employment and training.

The Blair Project intends to play an important role in catalysing the creation of an e-Motorsport hub in Wigan to promote Electric racing and R&D in low-carbon technologies for jobs and wealth creation.