Blair Henry

Motorsport Manager

My name is Blair Henry and I am 21 years old. Cars and racing are my passion and have been since I was very young. The joy and adrenaline rush of competing in motor racing is exciting.

Whilst I was at school, I paid for my karting by selling chocolates and fizzy drinks to my friends. I would make around £240 a month, and I enjoyed being a young entrepreneur. What inspired me to start motoracing was watching Formula 1, and seeing my idol Michael Schumacher dominate for years. He was a great leader and role model, as he built up an entire team around him and made Ferrari into a dominating force in the sport.

I remember very well my first experience of go karting. I was only 8 years old and it was at the Daytona Indoor track in Manchester. My reaction after driving for the first time was “wow that was amazing, I wonder what driving a formula 1 car would feel like”. 

From then on I was so determined to make sure I was competing in more races and championships to develop my skills and progress more and more so that one day I could make it into the world of Formula E.

Other drivers from Formula 1 that have inspired me are drivers such as Ayrton Senna. What I liked about Ayrton Senna was not only the fact that he was a fast and skilful, but he had the courage to challenge the system and to stand up for what he believed in.

One of my goals through doing motoracing is to give other young people who are not necessarily from a rich background, the opportunity to pursue rewarding careers in motorsports, as most people who are in the motorsports industry are either very wealthy or people who have a lot  of sponsorship. So hopefully I can find a way to progress others who have been in my position further through the ranks.  

As a driver I always look forward to a new challenge as I believe that overcoming obstacles makes you stronger!