ProtoEV NXT-GEN Support

Take your place in the pit lane and get your go-kart race ready in this free-to-play immersive gaming app from The Blair Project and Fuzzy Logic Studio. Challenge your friends or work as a team to convert your virtual petrol go-kart into the fastest, most energy-efficient e-kart.

Tinker with the interactive tools and put your design skills to the test as you strip the kart back to its chassis and build it back up again. Create a ride that shows your style with access to a range of in-app customisations. Perfect the paint job, apply the decals, and choose your rims to make your kart a real head-turner.

If the experience sparks your excitement, get your future motoring with exclusive access to career and training opportunities in tech, engineering, renewable energy and manufacturing.

  • Gain ‘hands-on’ experience in breaking down and reassembling a go-kart in Augmented Reality
  • Receive in-app recognition as you move through the stages
  • Customise your kart with a range of colours and decals to choose from
  • Get linked to apprenticeship, internship and industry placement opportunities through interactive billboards