September 15, 2016


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Give Your Business The Vava Voom!!!

evGrandPrix is an electric racing championship for schools which uses the power and exhilaration of motorsport to inspire and engage young people to pursue careers in science technology engineering and maths often referred to as STEM, in particular those at risk of not achieving.


The Blair ProjectOur proven track record of success in boosting the motivation, attitudes and attainment of young people in Wigan makes us a winning formula for schools, individuals, the wider community and businesses like yours!

We’re backed by Wigan Council, two times winners of Digital Council of the Year and acknowledged to be of the most innovative local authorities in Greater Manchester. And Ultimaker, who manufacture the world’s best desktop 3D printers.

Join our winning team to grow your brand awareness as a socially responsible business that gives back and enriches the communities it serves. We are media savvy and have over 3500+ followers on our social media channels and growing… And we are regularly featured in the local press.

We are confident that this cost effective sponsorship opportunity is one of the best investments that your business could make that can drive increased sales and new market opportunities through brand association with a team that has the Royal Seal of Approval!

What you will get in return

  • Brand enhancement & recognition as a company that takes it’s corporate social responsibility seriously
  • Up to 10 months of positive PR & social media exposure to our 3,500+ followers.
  • Potential retweets and reposts from our partners, who are leaders in their own fields.

Below are details on the rewards that you can receive as a sponsor.


Yellow Flag


£100+ donation:

Logo, name and link on website in recognition.



Green Flag2000px-green_flag_waving-svg

£250+ donation:

Name on Team Shirt .*



White Flag2000px-white_flag_waving-svg

£500+ donation:

Logo and name on racesuit and kart .*



Checkered Flagcheckered_flag_clip_art_9511

£1000+ donation:

Logo and company name on trailer.*


*Each sponsorship tier includes all prior rewards.

To benefit from this opportunity, please email our business director Marilyn Comrie OBE by emailing



1)         Toolboxes – We will need some in our workshop and some to take to the race       course.

2)         Basic mechanic tools – Includes sockets, wrench, screwdrivers, etc.

3)         Cordless power tools.

4)         Stands for the karts to sit on.

5)         Safety equipment – glasses, suits, fire extinguisher, helmets, etc.

6)   A 10 foot enclosed trailer to transport karts around to different tracks for racing and testing.

7)         A mobile home that sleeps 4/6 people