September 9, 2016

Makershed – Create Invent Learn

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Our MakerShed  is a place of skills-sharing and informal learning, where people of all ages and abilities can try their hand at making things, and master new creative skills in a safe, friendly and supportive environment.

We provide  the tools and equipment for budding entrepreneurs and hobbyists to pursue their passions,  sit, chat and learn from others,  problem solve as well as making new friends!

Our MakerShed activities involve learning how to use new digital technologies to design your own products easily and effortlessly, rapid prototyping using our 3D printers, using a vinyl cutter to make your own t-shirts,  cutting & engraving a wide range of materials using a laser cutter, a painting & finishing station, jewellery making as well as sewing machines, embroidery and crafts.

We provide basic use training of all tools and equipment in addition to advanced and special interest classes and workshops, events and courses.

Our MakerShed is also a commercial hub for new startups; we offer a hand holding service and hot desking facilities to give your new business the best possible start.

Nile said: “Young people take to technology like ducks to water. Additive manufacturing is an ideal industry for young people to get into. Regardless of your age or education, with enough time and effort, anyone can start creating their own products and earn money.

One 15 year old has already secured orders from a leading comic store in Manchester.

He said: “ it’s mad what you can do with a 3D printer. Anything you can imagine you can create. It’s just insane. I had no ambition, goals or purpose before. I know now I want to be a designer and pursue this as a career.”