September 16, 2016

Made In Wigan

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We want to create a more prosperous Wigan with opportunities for all to flourish by growing community businesses and persuading local residents and organisations to buy local. If every resident spent an extra £100 per year (ie £2 per week) with locally owned businesses instead of chain stores, it would inject an extra £32 million into our economy every year, creating thousands more jobs and reducing youth unemployment.

So we partnered with the Abram Ward Co-operative, and Business In The Community to develop a concept called Made in Wigan and secured £1 million of funding from Power To Change to implement it.

‘Made In Wigan’ will focus on production of items or services that reflect Wigan’s rich industrial, cultural sporting and community spirit heritage which people either need or will want to buy.

There will be a tiered level approach to training and apprenticeships, allowing people of all ages and abilities to be involved in community business, reducing inequality and allowing people to generate their own income.

Launching in October 2017, Made In Wigan products will be sold using a variety of channels including an online store, high street shop and monthly market events around the borough.

Our aim is to deepen understandings of how successful community businesses can create jobs, alleviate poverty and regenerate local economies.  ALL profits made by  Made in Wigan will be reinvested back into supporting new startups and financing community businesses.

Contact us to find out more, or to get involved.