Formula Girl

4623136426_309x310Formula Girl is a start-up luxury brand aiming to become the world’s leading female-only high performance sport and apparel
clothing line for spirited women between the ages of 15 – 35. The brand represents the ultimate in ‘Girl Power’ clothing, leveraging the unrivalled glamour, excitement and sophistication of Grand prix racing to create the ultimate status symbol in female activewear.

Formula Girl is a call to action for women to use their massive purchasing power to engineer gender equity in sport. 50% of profits generated will therefore be reinvested in sponsoring female racing talent to reach the highest echelons in motor racing. You can be part of this opportunity. Discover more at

Our logo is based on the Greek goddess Athena, who symbolises the spirit of endeavour. Grecian female body armour, is the inspiration for Formula Girl’s on trend capsule collection.


Formula Girl will initially focus on motorsport with the intention of expanding into other extreme sports as the company develops.

Our mission is to:-

  • Change the rules of the game, bypassing traditional sponsors, and issuing a call to action to women globally to use their massive purchasing power to engineer social change and gender equity in sport
  • Creating genuine social value and enrichment through re-investing profits into closing the gender gap in motorsport
  • And giving talented females the sponsorship and resources they need to make it to the highest echelons of their chosen sport. Check out our website