ProtoEV EdTech

From our base at Manchester Science Park’s Manchester Tech Incubator we are in the formative stages of developing a new ProtoEV EdTech using video gaming and immersive augmented reality simulation software to train young people in real world generative design and engineering skills for rapid vehicle prototyping. Our aim is to make learning fun, and absorbing. The visualization tools and virtual designs will be used to make physical prototypes which are validated through testing in the real world in competition with other teams on motor racing circuits in the ProtoEV eKart Challenge.

The software will be further developed as an online application for the upskilling, reskilling of engineers and apprenticeship training delivered digitally to new levels of standardisation globally.  The ProtoEV EdTech represents a step change which will disrupt the delivery of education and training delivery globally and enable us grow a sizeable share of this $4 trillion market.