Additive manufacturing also referred to as 3D printing is transforming the world of manufacturing, allowing for rapid prototyping and tooling. It is being used in a variety of sectors from consumer goods such as jewellery, to automotive, aerospace and even the 3D printing of body parts!

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is disrupting manufacturing and business models and generating new jobs. The AM global market was worth £3.59 billion in 2014, and with compound annual growth rate of 31.5%, is forecasted to reach £69bn by 2025. The UK is a world leader in AM capability, and is seeking to win 8% or £5bn of this global market.

Greater Manchester City Region is ideally placed to lead the rest of the UK in developing the skills, standards and qualifications essential to accelerate adoption of AM technologies to fuel economic growth. We are playing a leading role in accelerating the adoption and deployment of Industry 4.0 technologies like 3Dprinting by manufacturing SMEs working with kay academic and industry partners to establish a new demonstrator and centre of excellence within the Manchester City Region.

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